Young Guido (J.Riz):

This is music made by Young Guido (J.Riz).

Most of the songs I do by my self are cyphers, but I throw in some other stuff as well. Injoy!

MC Showcase 2009 (Cypher) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Paper Planes (Remix) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Drunk, High, and Sleep Deprived (mc showcase 2011 beat) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Suicide Bomber (Cypher) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Money Stackin (Cypher) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Here We Go Yall (Cypher) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Incognito (old song) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

Definition of Swag (Cypher) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz)

The Jingel (Old Song from like 08) (K.Beau Beat) - Freestyle By: J.Riz (YG) & K.Beau

DX Song (made for the dx crew) - By: J.Riz (YG)

Remix coming soon by the crew

More Coming Soon! Thanks For Listening!

I will add new music to the site asap.

Young Guido Music

This website is all about the music made by Young Guido (J.Riz) and other rappers as well.

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All songs on this site are recorded and edited on GarageBand.

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