YG & The Crew:

This is music made by Young Guido (J.Riz), Joey-Jay-Heart, K.Beau, B.Dol, K.Will, Gookie Bad, and other artists.

Most of the beats we use are random rap beats we find online or beats made by J-Dub. Some times we will flow over some main stream beats as well. If a song has a J-Dub beat you will hear "J-Dub Productions" sometime in the song. Injoy!

Open The Window - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay, K.Will, B.Dol

G'd-Up - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay-Heart, B.Dol

On A Roll - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay-Heart, B.Dol, Gookie Bad Ass

EP State of Mind - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay, K.Beau, B.Dol, K.Will

The World Keeps Turnin - By: Young Guido (J.Riz), Joey-Jay-Heart, K.Beau

What I Can Do - By: Young Guido (J.Riz), Joey-Jay-Heart, B.Dol

The Funeral - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay-Heart, J-Dub

Duplication Difficulty (ReMix) - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay, K.Will

Goin Alone Tonight - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay, K.Beau, B.Dol

Anthem (old song) - By: Young Guido (J.Riz), Joey-Jay-Heart, K.Beau

Pigs - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay, K.Beau, K.Will, B.Dol, Gookie Bad

Be Friends - By: J.Riz (YG), Joey-Jay-Heart, K.Beau

The ending part of the song is chopped wrong (will fix soon).

More Coming Soon! Thanks For Listening!

I will add new music to the site asap.

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